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Here we go again...

Here we go again. Second Lottery-funded programme to get us closer to our goal of being able to manage our digital content. Our group includes a lot of people with high levels of creativity. We are working on the alchemy of a digital project which needs that combination of creativity and a scientific, objective method.

It all feels a bit first day at school. But the teachers seem benign and the classmates friendly.

We are an eclectic group -with very different audiences and aspirations for this.

We did a nice opening exercise – "if you knew me, you would know I"… and we each added a sentence. Some shared more than others, but it worked well to get us talking.

We finished our first session a few minutes early so get a longer break … See why it feels like school. Except we are working online at home and getting remote teaching and homework. Wait, we are being homeschooled – this will build our empathy with a generation of young people.

Image credit: @visualthinkery / @bryanmathers

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